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There are many investors in the Chennai market who have got the land to develop a property but lack the capital required to fund the project all alone. If you have a free hold on your land and are looking for a potential joint venture with a builder in Chennai, we’re more than interested in working together.

Our standing as a builder and strong relationships with partners, local civic authorities means that we are regarded as a property developer of choice by several landowners. We mainly target residential areas having great connectivity to downtown Chennai and always seek to add value to the project by designing and building attractive homes to maximize the value of your land.

In our 10 years of experience so far, we have been involved in several joint venture property development projects in Chennai. We’re quite excited to be engaging with customers on a joint venture as it allows us to bring them great investment opportunities that match their requirements and risk profile.

For any land owner, entering into a joint venture is a great way to tap the potential of their land. But what makes all the difference is working with a builder having a vested interest in completing the project so it’s appealing to the market.

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If you’re a land owner looking for partnering with a builder on a joint venture development, we’ll be happy to work out a proposal for you.

Joint Venture Partnership

Quality, Reliability and Success

As your joint venture partner, our range of work spans different areas from start to finish. After entering into a joint venture with the land owner, we assume full responsibility for delivering the building as per the terms and conditions laid out in the agreement. We share costs, help assess and manage the degree of risk involved in carrying out the project, assist with getting approvals from concerned authorities, and of course complete the build and delivery of approved buildings.

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